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Water Lovers is Biotherm's water sustainability commitement
Water Lovers is Biotherm's water sustainability commitement

We are Water Lovers, committed to a better future for our oceans since 2012.

At Biotherm, we are dedicated to Blue Beauty. Beauty that can launch a wave of positive change. Powered by science. Water efficient. Eco-designed. Safe.

Our commitments

  • More Renewable Ingredients

  • More Formulas that Respect the Ocean

  • More Sustainable Design Solutions

  • Partners for Ocean Conservation

  • More Renewable Ingredients

    We believe in using bioscience to produce ingredients that are more potent, more sustainable and more natural.

  • More Formulas that Respect the Ocean

    We closely monitor the impact of our formulas on aquatic life.

  • More Sustainable Design Solutions

    We strive to use sustainable materials at every step, from packaging to retail.

  • Partners for Ocean Conservation

    We advocate for our oceans by working with the NGOs and experts that know them best.

Our sustainability roadmap

  • Biotherm is born in the French Pyrénées

  • Fermogénèse bioscience facility is opened

  • Microbeads are banned in rinse-off products

  • Rinse-off formulas become minimum 90% biodegradable

  • Partnership with Mission Blue begins

  • Tracking of footprint and eco-sustainability begins

  • Partnership with Tara Ocean Foundation begins 2017

  • Launch of original Waterlover Sun Milk, tested to minimise impact on water

  • New Water Lovers Formulation Charter introduced to respect water

  • 100% recycled & FSC paper and plastic-free gift boxes & coffrets

  • Retail stores fitted with 100% FSC-certified wood

  • Partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe begins

  • Retail uniforms made with recycled materials

  • 97.8% of Biotherm PET packaging is made with recycled plastic by April 2021

  • Launch of Blue Fountain, refillable skincare experience

  • 100% of renewable, plant-based ingredients to be sustainably-sourced

  • 50% of all plastic in packaging to come from recycled sources

  • Bioplastic packaging to be introduced

  • Packaging to be 80% fossil-fuel free

  • Biotherm production sites to become 100% carbon neutral

  • In-store materials to be 100% fossil-fuel free

  • 100% of our plastic packaging will be refillable, rechargeable, recyclable or biodegradable

  • Zero waste-water waterloop system at Biotherm’s Caudry Plant

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  • 2013

  • 2017

  • 2019

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  • 2022

  • 2023

  • 2025

  • 2030

Meet the Water Lovers community

  • Sylvia Earle

    Dr. Sylvia Earle is President and Chairman of Mission Blue. Recognized globally as a “voice for the ocean,” she is an oceanographer, explorer, and author whose life work is to protect the ocean.


  • Romain Troublé

    Romain is the Executive Director of the Tara Ocean Foundation. A scientist and a sailor, he and the rest of the Tara team perform critical research on the impact of climate and ecological change on the ocean.


  • Théo Curin the paralympian swimmer

    Théo Curin

    Théo is a paralympian swimmer. He finds his source of energy in water, which pushes him to perform at his maximum potential.


  • Julie Gauthier's portait

    Julie Gautier

    Julie is a free diver, a dancer, and a film director. She acts as a voice for the ocean, using her art to raise awareness on the need to preserve our Blue Lung.


  • Guillaume Néry

    Guillaume is a World Champion of Freediving. Combining aesthetics and performance, his diving is more than a sport -it is his art and his call to action to protect our oceans.


  • Molecule

    Molecule aka Romain Delahaye is a musician. He is a field recording expert who amplifies the sounds from nature to create electronic music.


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