We come from water. Let's give back to it.


Live By Blue Beauty is our sustainability commitment.
Live By Blue Beauty is our sustainability commitment.

At Biotherm, Blue Beauty is our philosophy. 

We believe it can launch a wave of positive change. 

Powered by science. Water efficient. Eco-designed. Safe.


Committed to a better future for our oceans since 2012.

Our commitments

  • More Renewable Ingredients

  • More Formulas that Respect the Ocean

  • More Sustainable Design Solutions

  • Water Lovers
    A Global Community

  • More Renewable Ingredients

    We believe in using bioscience to produce ingredients that are more potent, more sustainable and more natural.

  • More Formulas that Respect the Ocean

    We closely monitor the impact of our formulas on aquatic life.

  • More Sustainable Design Solutions

    We strive to use sustainable materials at every step, from packaging to retail.

  • Water Lovers, A Global Community

    We advocate for our oceans by working with the NGOs and experts that know them best.

Our sustainability roadmap

  • Biotherm is born in the French Pyrénées

  • Fermogénèse bioscience facility is opened

  • Microbeads are banned in rinse-off products

  • Rinse-off formulas become minimum 90% biodegradable

  • Partnership with Mission Blue begins

  • Tracking of footprint and eco-sustainability begins

  • Partnership with Tara Ocean Foundation begins 2017

  • Launch of original Waterlover Sun Milk, tested to minimise impact on water

  • New Water Lovers Formulation Charter introduced to respect water

  • 100% recycled & FSC paper and plastic-free gift boxes & coffrets

  • Retail stores fitted with 100% FSC-certified wood

  • Partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe begins

  • Retail uniforms made with recycled materials

  • 97.8% of Biotherm PET packaging made with recycled plastic by April 2021

  • Launch of Blue Fountain, refillable skincare experience

  • 100% of renewable, plant-based ingredients to be sustainably-sourced

  • 50% of all plastic in packaging to come from recycled sources

  • Bioplastic packaging to be introduced

  • Packaging to be 80% fossil-fuel free

  • Biotherm production sites to become 100% carbon neutral

  • In-store materials to be 100% fossil-fuel free

  • 100% of our plastic packaging will be refillable, rechargeable, recyclable or biodegradable

  • Zero waste-water waterloop system at Biotherm’s Caudry Plant

  • 1952

  • 1994

  • 2011

  • 2012

  • 2013

  • 2017

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

  • 2025

  • 2030

Meet the Water Lovers community

  • Sylvia Earle

    Dr. Sylvia Earle is President and Chairman of Mission Blue. Recognized globally as a “voice for the ocean,” she is an oceanographer, explorer, and author whose life work is to protect the ocean.


  • Romain Troublé

    Romain is the Executive Director of the Tara Ocean Foundation. A scientist and a sailor, he and the rest of the Tara team perform critical research on the impact of climate and ecological change on the ocean.


  • Théo Curin the paralympian swimmer

    Théo Curin

    Théo is a paralympian swimmer. He finds his source of energy in water, which pushes him to perform at his maximum potential.


  • Julie Gauthier's portait

    Julie Gautier

    Julie is a free diver, a dancer, and a film director. She acts as a voice for the ocean, using her art to raise awareness on the need to preserve our Blue Lung.


  • Robert Calcagno

    Robert is the CEO of the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco and leads the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Maison des oceans in Paris. He is committed to the protection of the oceans and to a better balance between humankind and nature.

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  • Guillaume Néry

    Guillaume is a World Champion of Freediving. Combining aesthetics and performance, his diving is more than a sport -it is his art and his call to action to protect our oceans.


  • Molecule

    Molecule aka Romain Delahaye is a musician. He is a field recording expert who amplifies the sounds from nature to create electronic music.


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